The 4 Top-Reviewed Mizuno Baseball Glove


If you’re looking for a great baseball glove for under $100, Mizuno baseball gloves offer professional-level options for every position, at a competitive price point. A baseball glove from Mizuno is known for its soft leather, and long-lasting reliability. They are terrific options for everyone, from high school players to adult league play.

First base glove:

Mizuno World Win GXF75

With a break-in time of just a few games, this Mizuno first base glove is an affordable choice for a well-built glove. It has a deep, secure pocket for maximum retention. The overall feel and quality of the leather is smooth and comfortable, and will hold up to repeated use over multiple seasons. The glove can adjust to two total sizes – useful for teen players who may still grow or require tweaks to the glove for maximum performance. Overall, the World Win model rivals many $200+ gloves in quality, but at a fraction of the price.

Available sizes: 12.5″
Price: $56 – 65

Catcher’s mitt:

Mizuno 34″ World Win GXC75

This Mizuno catchers mitt is sized for adults, and like the above, makes for a long-lasting, quality glove. After a quick break-in period, it becomes very flexible and soft, and fits anyone aged 12 and up. Similar to the care and quality of other Mizuno baseball glove models, this catchers mitt includes ParaShock finger channels in their design, absorbing stress to the hand, even after extra innings. For the up-and-coming catcher, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Available sizes: 34″
Price: $55 – 63

Infield glove:

Mizuno MVP Prime SE

Another Mizuno baseball glove under the $100 price point, the MVP Prime is ready to hit the field right out of the box. The center-pocket design ensures the ball will rest right below the index finger, offering the most versatile break-in pattern and ball control. And while other gloves may have instances of the laces breaking down, the MVP Prime contains strong, professional-level lacing without sacrificing flexibility or adjustment capabilities. It’s soft and durable, and makes for an excellent adult infield baseball glove.

Available sizes:11.5″
Price: $72 – 78

Outfielder glove:

MVP Prime

Much like the infield model above, Mizuno’s MVP Prime for outfielders offers the same level of quality and comfort. Simply put, if you’re position is in the outfield and you don’t want to “drop the ball”, so to speak, this glove is for you. Just like the infielder version, the laces are extremely durable and easy to adjust. While some players may prefer a completely closed basket-web glove for outfielders, we prefer the MVP’s I-web with lots of lacing. It is dense enough to block out the sun, but not lose track of the ball – and offers increased control for quick handling and retrieval. Editor’s note: I’ve had this particular Mizuno baseball glove riding in the trunk of my car for close to 5 years now. It’s my go-to.

Available sizes: 12.75″
Price: $82 – 88

Overall, a Mizuno baseball glove will last you a small lifetime if you take care of it right, and the prices of the models above mean they’re accessible for every player, from casual weekend games to competitive players. Do yourself a favor and be sure to break in the glove properly for an extra comfortable fit and feel.

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