The Best Left Handed Baseball Gloves

If you’re left-handed, baseball gloves can be hard to shop for, as some manufacturers don’t provide that option. Luckily, there are more than enough youth lefty baseball gloves to keep you making plays with style and comfort. To clarify, the following are the best baseball gloves for left handers (note: some of the best players in history have been left-handed!). These are all “left hand throw” baseball gloves, meaning these gloves are worn on the right hand!

Note: the following are best for YOUTH players.

Left handed pitching glove:
Mizuno MVP Prime 12″

If you’re a left-handed baseball player, your most powerful roles are as pitcher, first baseman, or in the outfield. If you’re going to take your place on the mound, this Mizuno MVP might be for you. It’s closed Arched Tartan web keeps the ball out of sight of the batter, and the Bio Soft leather is exceptionally smooth, offering increased control of the ball. It may be one of the top left handed pitching gloves for youth players, but it features all of the details of the professional level gloves: outlined, embroidered logo, and an entirely new wrist design, meant to add comfort and flexibility. Because the MVP is touted as a general infield glove, it’s size (12″) also makes it a suitable third base glove for left handed youth baseball players.

Available sizes: 12″
Price: $76 – 82

Left handed outfielder glove:
Rawlings Player Preferred Outfield Glove

The Player Preferred series has continued to be a trusted line in youth baseball gloves, and this left hand throw outfield glove is no exception. The strong leather lace provides long-lasting durability and the glove has a considerably short break-in time, without getting worn out. This glove comes in at 12.5″, making it an excellent size for outfielders ages 12 and up. For outfielders under 11 or 12, opt for a smaller closed web glove like the 11″ Player Series.

Available sizes: 12.5″
Price: $49 – 55

Left handed first base glove:
Rawlings Renegade

As a first baseman, left hand players are at a distinct advantage – able to rocket the ball to second base for double or triple plays, without adjusting their throwing stance first. First base gloves are generally shaped differently – you want a shallow, yet secure pocket so as to retrieve the ball quickly to make the play. This Rawlings Renegade first base glove is comfortable, affordable, and will give you years of service on the field. If your player is in the 9-12 age range, the 11.5″ model will fit perfect, but a 12.5″ version is also available as they grow.

Available sizes: 11.5″, 12.5″
Price: $44 – 47

Left handed second base glove:
Mizuno Youth Prospect Glove

The Prospect is a great option for an all-purpose left handed baseball glove. Youth players will enjoy the 11.5″ size and a medium pocket, this left hand throw baseball glove makes for a particularly excellent 2nd baseman glove. It’s an incredibly forgiving glove for new players, with its PowerClose technology – helping players identify the pocket and use it to catch correctly. The leather is authentic and soft, meaning little to no break in period, and the glove flexes in specific areas to make the closing of the glove around the ball easier. This left-handed baseball glove is great for new or seasoned players from 8-11 years old.

Available sizes: 11.5″
Price: $30 – 34

Left handed third base glove:
Rawlings Select Pro Lite Player Edition

If your 7-10 year old is in the market for a left hand throw baseball glove, this Pro Lite Player Edition glove is a great model to start. The 12″ glove option works well for third basemen or even young outfielders. The Pro Lite collection all feature the Youth Pro Taper Fit pattern, meaning a smaller hand opening and lower finger stalls – allowing better, finer control for the wearer. Palm and index finger padding offer a more comfortable play experience, reducing impact shock, and the pocket is broken in just enough to catch great out of the box. However, there’s still room to be broken in another 20%, just enough to make a unique fit to the player’s hand. The quality of this left hand throw baseball glove is comparable to many adult models, and should only become more functional and comfortable with years of play.

Available sizes: 12″
Price: $44 – 48

Left handed catcher’s mitt:
Mizuno Prospect Youth Catcher’s Mitt

At 31.5″ in circumference, this is a terrific size left handed catchers mitt for 7-10 year old players, and is durable enough to last a few seasons as they’re growing. The Power Close design helps the glove fold around the baseball, making it easier to catch and hold onto the ball, and features ParaShock palm pads for comfort after long games. For the price, you can’t go wrong with this left hand throw catcher’s glove.

Available sizes: 31.5″ circumference
Price: $39 – 45

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