The 3 Top Wilson Baseball Glove Models

It seems that from the time a baseball player first learns the sport, they become very particular to a certain glove brand. And once they become accustomed to that brand, it’s very hard to change their mind. A Wilson baseball glove is known as one of the very best on the market. Their A2000 series is proof positive of their meticulous craft and remains their most famous glove by Wilson.

Baseball gloves are made from many different types of leather, and for the most long lasting glove with the best fit, you will want to ensure yours is made from 100% leather and not synthetic materials. Wilson A2000 baseball gloves are made from a “Pro-Stock” steer hide leather which is considered to be of highest quality and comes from select cows in Japan that are specifically bred for Wilson baseball gloves.

Wilson understands that baseball is a game of determination, and they have the top MLB players on their advisory staff to help produce their Wilson baseball gloves made to perform well, season after season. Very similar to Wilson’s A2K series, the A2000 series is a slight step below, but remains their most popular brand of baseball gloves with several of the same patterns as A2K.

Top A2000 Wilson Baseball Gloves:


Wilson A2000 Series Yasiel Puig Glove

Perfect for outfield use, this larger 12.75 inch mitt features a Y-web construction and a deep pocket, designed in grey and Dodger blue and infused with a Cuban flair inspired by Yasiel Puig. Featuring Pro Stock™ leather, there is the patented durable Dual Welting and a Drilex wrist lining that helps keep your hand cool and dry during wear.

This Wilson baseball glove is crafted to break in well and last for many seasons. Built for endurance, this is the right glove made for hard working players. With a 4.3 out of 5 star review, the YP66 Yasiel Puig glove has a positive overall user rating and is considered to be a great outfielder’s glove for a good value.

Available sizes: 12.75″
Price: $215 – 230


2016 Wilson A2000 Series

The high-quality Pro Stock™ leather is what sets this glove apart from the other brands. Once you have broken this in, you won’t be disappointed on how comfortable it feels and how well it conforms to your hand.

The 2016 A2000 Wilson Baseball Glove model is 11.5″, and made for infield use. It features durable Dual Welting, along with Drilex lining at the wrist, that transfers moisture directly from the skin and helps keep the hand dry and cool. The I-Web, also called the Wilson H-Web, has the Double X laces and helps keep a shallow pocket for easy access and quick ball transfer. If you’re looking for a quality Wilson infield glove that it worthy of the pros, look no further.

Available sizes: 11.5″
Price: $195 – 210

For pitchers:

Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw Pitcher Glove

Primarily for pitching, this Wilson Game Model glove is inspired by Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw who is a master at the art of deception. Designed in black leather, this mitt features a deeper pocket with a closed two-piece web for a complete concealment of ball and grip — allowing you to make those stealth grip changes while having great line drive performance as well.

This glove comes ready to use right out of the box – so there is no need for oiling or conditioning before using. As with other Wilson A2000 series gloves, the Pro Stock™ high-quality leather conforms well for a long-lasting fit, with Dual Welting for a strong, durable pocket, and the Drilex wrist lining that keeps your hand free from sweat, giving you top-notch performance in your game. When one of the top pitchers pairs up with one of the top Wilson baseball glove designs, you know it’s going to be a good product.

Available sizes:11.75″
Price: $245 – 255

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