The Best Toddler Baseball Glove

They grow up so fast, don’t they? And when they’re old enough to walk, they’re old enough to start playing America’s favorite past time! Whether it’s tossing a ball in the backyard, or a game of tee-ball, these are the best baseball glove choices for toddlers up to the age of 5 years old.

Age 2-4

Get Outside GO! Toddler Glove

This soft, flexible glove is great for little tykes just getting into the flow of catching a ball. It’s constructed of a cloth material, and when combined with the included velcro ball, gives the child a better chance of holding onto the ball (and a sense of accomplishment!). It’s light weight means it’s easy to lift high into the sky by little arms, making it an excellent beginner baseball glove. Don’t expect this glove to last years, but for a Tee-ball training aid, it’s a great choice.

Price: $8 – 10

Age 3-5

Franklin Sports Air Tech Soft Foam

Moving up the chain, if you’re looking for a baseball glove for a 4 year old, the Franklin Air Tech model is a great step up in terms of look and feel of a “real” glove. It’s constructed of pliable foam, which stays in the open position at rest. This is great for keeping a wide-open pocket, but requires and active motion to close it. Regardless, it’s still quite flexible and works great with soft baseballs for youth players. Unlike the toddler baseball glove above, this glove should last your little player for more than a year, assuming they aren’t comfortable enough using a more serious glove by then!

Price: $12 – 14

Age 4-6

Franklin Teeball Series

So your all-star is ready for teeball and needs a more substantial toddler baseball glove? Franklin, manufacturer of professional baseball gloves, gives a terrific option for youth players with this Teeball series glove. It fits and feels like a real leather glove, and lays a good foundation of glove technique to follow them into their teen years and beyond. This is also the only glove on the list that is available in a left hand throw version (for left-handed players).

Price: $9 – 11

Age 4-8

Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series

This Rawlings baseball glove has all of the features and characteristics of an adult glove. It breaks in well for a small glove of it’s size, and has a deep pocket – perfect for keeping hold of the ball in both infield and outfield positions. This will fit a 7 or 8 year old who’s on the small side, but if you’re on the fence, consider looking at the larger youth baseball gloves, most of which will fit a growing 9 year old.

Price: $12 – 14

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